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Jersey City’s Stop the Drop Campaign Should Include Trash Cans In Jersey City!

Mayor Fulop, I am a resident of Canco Lofts in the Journal Square area, I am writing to you due to the massive amount of litter that I have to walk by everyday. Stop the Drop Campaign is great idea, and I believe you should request a cleanup in our area. My daughter attends PS […]

Jersey City’s Promotional Campaign

I am posting this here in the event I sent the note to the incorrect addresses earlier today. Thank you for your time and consideration. _____________________________________________________________________ Dear Mayor Fulop and Ms. Baron, After reading yesterday’s New York Times article, “A New Effort From a ‘New’ Jersey City Urges, ‘Make It Yours’,” and as a graphic […]

Ticketing on Kennedy And Tonnelle

People are constantly making the illegal left turn on to Tonnelle Avenue from Kennedy Boulevard where “no turns” is clearly posted. Not only is this dangerous as people are often crossing at this intersection, but it’s particularly troublesome at rush hour when these individuals who are clearly violating the posted regulation cause traffic to be […]

Hamilton Park basketball courts

As a homeowner in Hamilton park something has to be done about this basketball court. This summer there was games almost every night that resulted in the park being full of garbage all the time, my partner and I were harassed and called fags by people watching the game and I found kids sitting on […]

Jersey City Powerhouse falling apart!

I live overlooking the old Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse on Washington Boulevard, which was subject to significant amounts of effort to remove the smokestacks as they were in a dangerous state.  This work exposed the inner fabric of this historic building to the vagaries of one of the harshest winters for some time, with no thought to protection […]

Update the Central Avenue website with information about the Everything Jersey City Festival

 When searching for info on the 2014 Everything JC festival, I see here that it was cancelled: but then when I clicked on the link “2014 Everything Jersey City Festival: CANCELLED” it took me to this outdated page: and the petition is outdated as well, with 2013 as the date and Healy as […]

Noise Control at Roberto Clemente Sports Complex

I have been a resident of Jersey City since 1991 and for the last 6 years a tenant on Brunswick Street, across from the Roberto Clemente Sports Complex.  Every year during baseball season this neighborhood has been blasted from the game announcer.  It seems that this gentlemen has no respect for the residents of the area.  […]

Handicapped Parking

Dear Mayor, I received my second refusal for a handicapped parking space today. I have been declared disabled by the Federal Government and will soon be receiving their support. I had spinal fusion on March l3, 2013 which has left me unable to walk very far, l or 2 blocks at best, on level ground, […]

Bus Stop Needs Help!

recently wrote to you about the bus stop in front of my house (806 Ocean Ave). I appreciate it being moved the first time, but nj transit moved it back to the same spot or at least 5 feet from the previous spot. they not only did they put it back, they took the parking […]

Parking is a free for all…

Since Newport Green opened Newport parkway and Washington has become a free fall all after 7:00 PM. No adherence to No parking signs, no concern about yellow line parking. My guess is that the parking authority only works monday – friday 10:00 AM to 5.00 PM. Talk about lazy and no revenues. I have a […]